Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Storage Hunting

Since buying the car I have had an absolute Knightmare trying to find permanent storage for it. After visiting several industrial units, calling more and visiting tens of farms...

Collecting the donor car

So we arranged to collect the car and store it at work so I wouldn't have to worry about finding a place to work on it straight away. Thanks to...

The first viewing of the Firebird

So this is the car as we found it; a 1985 Firebird S/E 2.8 V6 hard top with  a list of ticked options, by the original owner, as long...

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Rotary Charity Car Show

KITT was very kindly asked to be involved in this years Rotary Charity Car Show which he was more than happy to attend. The quality...

Helsby Scout Fundraiser

KITT was invited to appear at a fundraiser concentrating on providing for the local Scout group. The weather was glorious which brought a lot...

Rainy City Cruisers Meet

This is a car club that's been active since the 70's and still going strong thanks to good people at the helm. We popped...