So today was MUCH better. No debilitating headaches or other nightmares cropping up; finally. I got the whole driver side of the car with a skim of z-grip over it due to some ripply areas and a couple of mahoosive dents which are right where there is reinforcement in the door. Marvellous.

Started blocking it down but had to leave to collect wifey so through the week I’ll pop back and finish off the main blocking, but I did run out of z-grip, so a new pot is winging its way to work so I can use it earlier than next weekend, which would be the case if I’d had it delivered home. 

Also dug out the hood frame, and got it cleaned waxed, release agent added and gel coated up. Got the dash mold and the fender mold to the release agent stage too. Next will be the hood skin as I need this hood asafp!!

Last nights shenanigans at KIHQ! My gorgeous wifey helped me get the first layer of glass on the hood skin mold and we got it done in just over an hour. One more later after the weeks and it’s another thing off the list! Thanks sweetheart xx