Sorry it’s been a while people but things have been occurring under the radar.

First off the progress on the Viscount seats has been gentle but fulfilling. I re-dyed the plastics to the correct Camel Tan and fitted them to the seats once I’d put the two halves together. I bought some brand new PMD emblems for the seats backs and put those on too…..on my…..they look rather good!

I’ve included a before and after photo to demonstrate the difference between a part of one of the seats. Bit different huh?! Although the rear seat backs aren’t screen accurate with being ‘split’, I couldn’t care less as they’ll be more practical in the long run. Richard at has done an amazing job of these seats, as he does with everything I give him. I cannot recommend him enough, there will never be another trimmer in my life!

Having purchased different electronics for the programming and customising ability for some plans I have, I need overlays…again! But I don’t want someone else interpretation of them, I want my own. So here they are; they’ll be test printed this week.

There are a few alterations to make dependant on the limits of the customisation to the programming but I think all in all they look pretty close to what you see one the screen even with some of the details changed to reflect ACTUAL function rather than screen accurate labels.

The biggest report however, is the bodywork. I’ve been slaving away at it for weeks now to get it right and I can happily report that it’s now ready for a final coat of wet on wet primer and colour which hopefully I can get applied this weekend, depending on whether the clear coat is delivered on time or not!

From 82-92 a lot of the original dies were used and repaired, used and repaired and consequently they wore out, shapes changed and the upshot is that the curves of the panels, and the crispness of the body lines disappeared over time. It is evident on this as I’m using an ’84 shell with an ’86 and ’92 door. They are all very different shapes, and the body line on the ’92 has almost completely disappeared!

The body itself has had a lot of work, partially because the fool ‘specialist’ who did the work to it before has no idea about shaping a panel, and partially because I wanted the crisp lines of the ’82 models to be reflected in this car.

The roof had a few issues, the main one being rust pitting all over it from, yes, you guessed it, the specialist painting over rust with primer. Idiot. So it has the full chemical treatment and was then coated with a chemical 2 part etch primer and a sprayable filler so I can level out the slight imperfections in the skin.

After this the car was properly prepared and the same thing applied to the rear quarters. And this is the result..


Now it’s time to block it all down and get it ready of the next stage! Woohooo!!