‘Products and parts for your Knight Industries Two Thousand perfect replica’

Paolo at Ideegeniali.it is a genius and a very nice guy. He has designed one of the most customisable sets of Knight Rider replica electronics available on the market.

I have these electronics in my vehicle and I’m so impressed that I have to tell you all about them.

All of these electronics are professionally designed, manufactured and tested to ensure the highest quality available to the customer. Each board has its own polarity and surge protection to prevent accidental damage and has designated fixing points to attach to the overlays (provided separately) and full PDF instructions available on the website which are easily printed off.

I bought my set over a period of time due to available funds and Paolo was absolutely fine with this and gave me a level of service I have not experienced from any other vendor except Knight Passions. You can, if you like, buy all the electronics together in one package and there is a discount offered for this purchase option.

I can’t stress enough how good these boards are. There isn’t any flickering of the LEDs, even when you film them, due to the type of component used and there are so many nice features implemented into them i.e. a fuel level damper so the level gauge doesn’t go crazy when cornering, just like a stock gauge would behave. Amazing!

The brightness of the LEDs is perfect for daytime and night time driving. It’s not eye pickling at night and its not too dim in sunlight, the level is just right.

The accuracy is top notch, they’re almost identical to the screen used dash electronics and are designed obviously with passion.

I cannot speak highly enough of Paolo’s work on these boards. They are excellent and once coupled with the accompanying overlays you’re right there in KITT.

Once I have the permanently fitted into the car I will conduct a board by board evaluation showcasing these products to give you a more informed opinion.

Buy them! Simple!

Web – http://www.ideegeniali.it/kitt

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