Made a start on the pilot dash..

Altered the original rear bumper to accommodate the license plate flipper and the OEM rear parking sensors, and had to do some remedial work to align it with the rear quarter. It was primed after this, then painted and fitted so it wouldn’t get damaged.

The doors were on now so that’s it right? Wrong! Lots more to do. The central locking motors were shot and the system they use to activate the docking was trash, so I bought a new power locking kit for a four door car. That way I could use two connections for the door actuators and two connections for the door LEDs. Cunning huh?! I fitted all the hardware to the drivers door, including the seals, glass and door puddle & warning lights I added and it all looks pretty good. I even managed to get the mirrors fitted. Yet for me!

The passenger day however was a little nightmare. If you remember the passenger door is from an 86 Camaro convertible. Same right? No. The internal mechanisms are a different shape, they fit in different places and the glass is about 1/2″ shorter at the back. Great. So i had to take the glass from my original 85 door and put it into this door. What a horrible job. Took a nice chunk out of my A pillar doing it but its in. Finally and it works. Took a LOT of adjustment to get it to go up and down straight with the door open and closed, but now it works and it works great. Only thing left to do is to add relays to the system so the buttons don’t take the load and the motors can do what they’re supposed to do, which is move quicker than a dead turtle. I hope.


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