I don’t know if you remember but I used a sound deadening pad system similar to Dynamat, but half the price, and whats more its not bitumen, so no nazzy smell! Well after that I added some acoustic dampening high density closed foam to further control the acoustics of the car and behaviour of road noise. I’ve seen people entirely coat the inside of a 3rd gen with Dynamat and honestly, I wonder what they’re smoking as Dynamat is a sound deadening material, its not designed to be used like that, but never mind!

So almost every expanse of metal larger than 1 foot square now has both the appropriate size sound deadening pad, and 12mm of acoustic foam. You only have to sit in the car and shut the door to hear the difference. No clang, no rattles, nothing. And the sound inside the car is dead as a roadkill racoon with a ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon hanging off of its foot!

I had a little helper for this bit too as I bought brand new carpet and I know what its like. It’s uncut (usually, even when you’ve asked for cut!) and its flat, squashed and generally a horror to get in. I kept the original carpet with this in mind, i just knew I’d need it.

So we started by stripping off the factory soundproofing material; its good stuff and it’ll add to the lack of road noise on the road. The we fitted, measured, cut and unfitted over and over until everything fit as best as we could get it. A hairdryer is your friend with this job as it softens the carpets backing material just enough for you to form it. Some people suggest steam cleaners which is all well and good if you have a wool carpet but if it’s nylon like this is, it’ll just melt your carpet which would be one expensive mistake and you’d feel like a total gibbon. Not ideal. Anyway I’m gonna shut up and let you take a look at the pics. Oh yeah and the red thing is a heater cos it was bitterly cold the day we did it; typically!

I’d fitted the front seat belts to the roof and the rear lap belts to the floor too, kinda felt like progress. Its so difficult progressing and focusing when the car doesn’t look any different for months.


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