Been battling how to get the horn button LED to light and have horn functionality. You see there is only one circuit coming up through the steering column, and that is simply to make the horn sound when you hit the button. So without a Camaro Berlinetta or Firebird GTA  column (which had multiple wires coming up the wheel) you’re kinda stuck, and as I’ve already rebuilt this column I’m not prepared to try an unknown column out just to get an extra wire.

It came to me while I was driving home one evening. Most modern auto electrics have a ‘safe’ DC voltage range, say 9-14V so I immediately thought of a 9V battery and switch. So simple and it’ll take ages to discharge the battery with only one LED using its power. I won’t have it switched on all the time either so it’s likely to only be switched on occasionally, except for the first few weeks where i’ll probably get through several batteries by leaving it on all the time!!

Anyway here it is in all its glory. Please forgive the state of the gullwing, but I’ve modified the shape so theres filler on it to be blocked down.

While I’ve been running around doing everything else; carpeting, gullwing, electrics, fitting things I’ve also been prepping the hood for paint. Here it is on its stand waiting for primer, which it now has but I didn’t get photos of it. I’ll snap some tomorrow and wang them up.

The one task Ive been itching to accomplish for several months was dying all the interior trim components. I had lots of parts to go to the OEM tan, some to be dyed black and others that required repair before I could do anything. Well I got it all done yesterday! Phew! What a relief 🙂 And I also had time to fix the newly custom tan stitched black leather shift gator on to the console. Oh lord it looks nice! I can’t wait to see it in the car.

When I bought the carpet I added an extra 2 yards to the order for all the plastic trim pieces in the rear of the car, and the centre console sides. However let me tell you, getting this plastic backed carpet around the curves of the rear trim is almost impossible. I heated it with a harder, heat gun, swung on it, stretched it, glued it then stretched it, pushed it, you name it….what a job. Its awful to do; I had it on and off so many times. It’s not possible to get it perfect without the odd little ruck, I just hope no-one notices.

and last but certainly not least i managed to find the elusive clip for the hinge section of the Viscount passenger seat so now they’re a pair. And they look so pretty. Sarah had her cute little bum on it the second I’d finished it; it was most certainly claimed!

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