The hood. What a journey that’s been. As you know I made a GRP version of it, basically taking a copy from a known good one. It been an easier journey than a lot of the GRP stuff due to the ease of manufacture, not that I’d rush out to start taking them!

I basically ran through the same paint process as with everything else, without the etch primer obviously. So the panel was sanded with P180s then I applied two coats of sprayable filler in white, followed by three coats of black high build. Once this had cured I blocked it down but unfortunately discovered that since being popped from the mold it has change shape a little, despite being glued to its skin while still in the mold! So i had to do some filler work to the cowl and front areas and then hit it with another three coats of high build. Then it was blocked with P320s, 500s and wet 800s ready for base coat. See what you think.

Because of where I painted it and the temperature the finish is terrible; it wasn’t particularly warm, hence the heater, and half the flying things on this planet decide to find a way into my little tent and have party in the clearcoat 🙂 It’ll polish! I think next year I might blow over the whole car again in a big hot oven!

The dash arrived from Knight Passions and its a wonderful piece of kit, but it does have a bit of a kink to the top. João’s been great about this and betweens us we’ll have a solution shortly so no-one has to deal with this again!

So this is the progress so far. I mounted it to the stock dash pad which was already altered for my dash, took a look with the new overlays installed, had a little excited dance, and then started ironing out the top. But i’m going to take some of this filler out and approach it from a different angle. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully next weekend I should be able to have another go at it.

As you can see I’m adding some of the original features of the dash e.g. the side defoggers and a passenger vent so Sarah can have some air conditioned air on her face 🙂

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