Well these really have been a LONG time coming but with both setbacks and errors on my part and unseen inconveniences on my friends part, who very kindly manufactured them for me, these have taken ages to come to fruition. Happily I can report they are manufactured. As with everything on this project there is a ‘however’. However, the laser on his cutter is playing silly buggers so he’s ordered a new one and when we come back from our honeymoon I’ll swap them out with these as these are just not quite right. Its the focal point so it’s got to be right. They’ll do for now though. As always I’ll zip it and let you judge for yourselves. Feedback would be great.

I also decided against using strip lights for rear fogs. Firstly it made the mounting of my blackout a whole lot more complicated, and secondly they really aren’t half as bright as these crazy 80W CREE LEDs I have in the rear lights. So I bought a very bright stand alone unit which I’ll integrate into the blackout frame. You see we have to have a fog light functional at the rear of the car on the right hand side (right hand drive) for out inspection. If it doesn’t work, its a fail. 🙁 bummer.


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