KITT was very kindly asked to be involved in this years Rotary Charity Car Show which he was more than happy to attend.

The quality of the vehicles on display was very high with some beautiful and rare examples of American and European classic cars and other vehicles.

We spoke to so many wonderful people that day, some who grew up with Knight Rider, some kids who didn’t know what he was (and weren’t interested until KITT spoke to them after his dash lit up!), and others who were genuinely interested in what had happened throughout the cars life and what had happened to it in our ownership. Was a real honour to mix with some of the veteran concourse quality builders who attended.

There was even another replica there, who arrived with his family through the afternoon and who we enjoyed spending time talking to; another life long friend in the making I think!

The big surprise of the day was when KITT and I were asked to go to the stage and were presented with a trophy for “Best Special Interest’ car of the day. I was absolutely amazed and humbled to be honest. I never thought my work would be appreciated in that way. I guess I was wrong!

Enjoy the photographs from the day.

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